mousington2The Amazing Mr Mousington was rescued from the side wholesale MLB jerseys of the road in November 2013, leaving him having to suffer extensive surgery to repair multiple fractures. Life looked up when he found a Gatal wonderful new home with loving owner Maddy Casey, but sadly the damage done early on in life had not been resolved and it’s been a ongoing battle to try and fix up Mr Mousington. A number of surgeries, scans, and tail bandages later and the issues still remain. His owners are often required to check his tail and apply creams or bandages, sometimes a TENS pad is needed By to be applied to his back, and occasionally other not-so-pleasant-but-necessary things need to be done. wholesale jerseys This is where the Caitec Chase ‘n Chomp Sticky Bone comes into play. As a static chew toy, that can be stuck on the wall and filled with tasty treats (such as organic peanut butter, goats Decyzja yoghurt, liver paste and other delicious treats) it is cheap MLB jerseys a perfect distraction for Mousey while his owners get on with dealing with his medical needs. As you can see he loves it!

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