A Dogs Trust survey has recently revealed that over 48% of pet dogs have eaten chocolate, with 15% of those dogs requiring urgent care from their vets. So with Easter upon us we wanted to give our top tips for keeping your dogs safe this weekend.

Keep chocolate eggs, bunnies and treats out of the way of your dog.
Chocolate contains theobromine which can be lethal to your dog, resulting in increased heart rate, shaking, seizure, and potentially death. Make sure you remember where you hide eggs and ensure that your dog doesn’t have any access to them.

Keep your Vet’s emergency number to hand.
If your dog does get hold of any chocolate contact your vet straight away – with out of hours over the bank holiday make sure you know who your emergency vet is. All chocolate can be a hazard, but dark chocolate is the worst.

Raisins are also dangerous, so watch those Hot Cross Buns!
Unfortunately it’s not just chocolate at Easter that we need to be aware of, play it safe and keep all the sweet treats out of your dog’s reach.

Cooked bones can splinter – feed raw or air dried as a tasty treat.
Easter Sunday can bring a big family roast – while you may enjoy your lamb dinner, cooked bones become brittle and aren’t safe for your dog to consume. Why not try an air-dried bone or deer hoofer instead?