Chase ‘n Chomp Suction Cup Pupsicle Pet Chew Toy


The Suction Cup Popsicle dog toy is our Chase ‘n Chomp Sticky Bone‘s little sister! A versatile toy, which will stick to any clean, flat surface for lots of fun licking and treat finding.


  • Chewable, all natural rubber
  • Floating dog toy
  • Sturdy rubber dog toy

Blue, Green

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  1. Avatar

    Maddy Casey

    This little gem of an item sticks really well to hard surfaces (we use it on glass or the fridge) and you can push stick-type treats through, vegetable pieces or soft treats to keep your dog occupied in one spot. We use this as well as the Sticky Bone to help keep our dog still and happy when he needs medical care.

    • Caroline Wilkinson

      Caroline Wilkinson

      Great to hear this helps make your dog’s medical procedures much more positive!

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